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Why it is interesting to translate your web site to Japanese?

With 70 million internet users, among them 20 million broad band users (BB users spend more time on internet than narrow band users), Japan is the second largest internet market in the world after USA. Though China may have a little more internet users than Japan now, if you take into account the revenue per capita, the interests of Japanese internet market should be obvious.

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Nevertheless, if you wish to sell your products or services to Japan through internet, it is mandatory to localize your web site to Japanese language because not only Japanese people are not clever at English but also most of the internet searches are carried out through Japanese search engines and Japanese language (remember 80% of visitors discover your site through search engines).

Our basic express services

Do you need a small Japanese English translation service or registration only service carried out quickly? Then, please choose one of the following basic services.
  1. Online web translation and registration service (100 US$ per page, 5 pages discount 400 US$, delay 1 week)
    Japan being the world second largest internet market, you can easily access it by translating your site to Japanese. Our service includes a submission to the main Japanese search engines and one year free access to our bilingual Japanese site statistics program. Please click on Online Japanese site translation and submission service for more information and possibly order it with a credit card.
  2. Online web registration service (20 US$, delay 2 days)
    You have already Japanese web pages but your translator didn't carry out the registration job. We can submit quickly your web pages to the leading Japanese search engines. Please click on Online Japanese site submission service for more information.
  3. Yahoo Japan submission service (20 US$, delay 2 weeks)
    Yahoo Japan is the largest search engine in Japan and should bring you a significant number of visitors, if your site has been successfully indexed by Yahoo. We assist you in this cumbersome process by translating all the necessary data if you have a website already translated to Japanese. Please click on Assistance to Yahoo Japan submission for more information.
  4. Japanese website optimization service (200 US$ per day, delay variable)
    Have you a Japanese website but it brings no traffic? With this service, we will analyze your site to see what's wrong and perform every correction necessary to increase your site traffic. Please click on Japanese website optimization service for more information.
  5. Japanese ppc engine management service (80 US$ per month)
    You can charge us the management of your Japanese Overture account that should be the most effective Internet marketing method. Please click on Japanese ppc engine management service for more information.
  6. Online text translation service (20 US$, delay 2 days)
    Do you need shortly a small Japanese to English translation (up to 500 Japanese characters) or English to Japanese translation (up to 125 English characters)? Please click on Online Japanese translation service for more information .

Our standard services

If you need more extensive services including translation, localization, optimization, submission and marketing in Japan, here is what we can offer for you.
  1. Main menu
    Average price is about 75 euro (= 100 US$) without VAT per page. If your pages include many texts to translate or elements difficult to integrate such as java programs, databases or animated gifs, this price may be superior, while if they contain little texts or repetitive elements, it may be inferior. So it is recommended to let us estimate the price by specifying the address of your site and the pages to translate.
    Our service includes:

  2. Maintenance & marketing menu (optional)
    It contains the following services. Depending on the size and traffics of your site, the price may be between 75 and 200 euro without VAT.

FAQ on our Japanese web translation service

Our references

Here is a list of the sites translated to Japanese by us. In order to display them with no-Japanese computers you should install Japanese fonts.

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