Japanese web translation, submission and statistics service

From this page you can order our basic Japanese translation and submission service: it consists in translating your main web pages (one to 5 pages) written in English to Japanese language in one business week and submitting them to the 5 leading Japanese search engines. The tariff of our service is at 100 US$ for 1, 200 US$ for 2, 300 US$ for 3 and 400 US$ for 5 pages, including a submission to the major Japanese search engines and one year free access to our Japanese log analysis tool. If you wish to order it with a credit card, please click on the button below*. If, for some reasons, your credit card will be rejected, please use another card processing server by clicking here (for one page order only).

Our expertise guarantees

In order to translate correctly a website, it is not sufficient to have a good knowledge on original and target languages but also needs some expertise on computer technology. Here is a list of our expertise guarantees that most of the translators are unable to offer. Note:

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Last update: October 7, 2007