FAQ on our Japanese web translation service

  1. We need a text only translation and not web site translation.
    Yes. You are welcome. Our Japanese to English translation fee is at US 6 cents per Japanese character (Japanese translation cost is always calculated per character because there is no word boundary), while English to Japanese translation fee is at US 25 cents per English word, excluding all the punctuation symbols and special formatting. If the volume of the translation is small, please refer to Japanese English text translation service.

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  2. Our site is already translated to Japanese. Can you submit it to Japanese search engines for us?
    Yes, you can ask us to submit your site from Japanese search engine submission service. Nevertheless, most of the Japanese translators having a poor computer background, you should expect with a high probability that your site may not follow the Japanese web standard. In this case we will inform you what's wrong on your site.
  3. We've found a free site submission service to Japanese search engines.
    According to the statistics on the sites submitted by us, one third of them were initially using a bad Japanese encoding and the description and keyword metatags of one fourth of them had not been translated to Japanese. So roughly speaking, one half of the sites remain unfit to Japanese search engine submission or badly optimized if done. Naturally, the free submission service should not say why your Japanese site is wrong and how to fix it.
  4. My Japanese translator offers a very competitive price.
    You should be aware of the fact that most of the translators have only a rudimentary knowledge of computer while your web pages may contain very complex elements such as Java, Java script, cgi, perl, php, MySQL etc. which should necessitate a decent computer programming knowledge to be translated. Our translation service also includes a bilingual web traffics monitoring program free of charge for one year.
  5. Can you update our Japanese translation with a lower tariff?
    If your site was translated by us beforehand, yes. Otherwise, don't expect a significantly lower tariff, because we should always analyze the structure of your site and localize which texts to update before beginning our job.
  6. Can you optimize our site to become searchengine friendly?
    When you ask us a translation job, please inform us which keywords are important for you. We will try to modify Japanese expression to highlight your strategic keywords without extra fee. On the contrary, if your site was translated by another translator, don't expect an advantageous tariff for this work. The reason is exactly the same as the precedent question.
  7. Do we need a special installation on our server to handle Japanese characters?
    You have nothing to add on the server side. It is the client machine, i.e. visitor's machine, that should contain Japanese fonts. Nevertheless, some servers declaring a server wide character set such as Roman characters, you ought to change the server configuration file with our assistance. Otherwise, expect to increase the disk space of your server to put Japanese web pages.
  8. How to handle e-mails coming from Japan?
    The selection of the maintenance option is strongly recommended because, contrary to Chinese, most of Japanese are not reluctant to use foreign languages. Otherwise, you have to clearly mention on your site that only English mail should be accepted.
  9. Can you help us to submit our products onto Japanese Yahoo or eBay auction?
    Though Japanese love to purchase foreign goods through internet auction, they are difficult customers and demand a perfect adhesion to the merchant ethic. For that reason, we accept to assist your auction process through Japanese translation, only if your web site was also translated by us and we have acquired consequently a good knowledge on your company and products. Moreover, in order to keep the translation cost reasonably low, the average price of your goods should be superior to 100 US$. Please note also eBay was eliminated from Japanese market due to a free auctioning performed by Yahoo Japan (it is now charged).
  10. My web log analyzer is unable to display correctly Japanese keywords
    Click on Japanese statistics program. Our translation and optimization service includes this web traffics monitoring program free of charge for one year.
  11. How many search engines are there in Japan?
    Several hundreds. But many among them accept only specific category or regional sites, so about one hundred engines should interest you. Click on the list of Japanese search engines

Never let your site in the hands of the Japanese translator without a decent computer knowledge as most of them are, unless your site may be worthless, i.e. without traffics. Click on Translation of web sites to Japanese to know more on our translation service.

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Last update: October 8, 2007
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