Standard Japanese web site optimization service

From this page, you can order our standard Japanese web site optimization service: it consists in diagnosing and optimizing your Japanese site by adding meta tags and alt tags, tweaking texts, changing translation, correcting encoding method, suppressing frames, creating gateway pages, participating in link exchange program (reciprocal link) etc. and resubmitting the web site to Japanese search engines in order to increase your web traffics. Service also includes a bilingual web traffics reporting program for one year free of charge to monitor your internet campaign.

We charge 200$ per day for those optimization jobs. In order to get a consistent level of optimization, we recommend to take 5 days module (we charge for only 4 days, the 5th day being free), but it is up to you to decide the contract, according to the size of your site and the budget. If you wish to order this service with a credit card, please click on the button below*.


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Last update: October 7, 2007