Kyushu Okinawa G8 Summit in Japan

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Japan has already organized 3 times summit meetings of G7/G8 but it took place always in Tokyo. This year (year 2000), Japanese government has decided to organize it in a province and the candidature of Kyushu-Okinawa region has been chosen by the late prime minister, Keizo Obuchi, because of an ordeal that Okinawaians have suffered since the World War II, especially the nuisance provoked by an excessive concentration of American military bases.

Geographic distribution of summit meetings is as the followings: Fukuoka, located in the north of Kyushu island organizes the meeting of Finance Ministers on 8 July. Miyazaki, located in the south of Kyushu island organizes the meeting of Foreign Ministers between 12 and 13 July. Finally, the summit itself, i.e. the meeting of nations' leaders will be held in Okinawa island located on the south of Kyushu between 21 and 23 July.

Note: Please click on yellow rectangles of the map below to have a detailed information of each summit venue or tourist resort.

map of Kyushu-Okinawa
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Japan is now

summit calendarCalendar of G8 summit

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train pictureHow to get to Kyushu and Okinawa?

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pole picture Links to other sites on Kyushu-Okinawa G8 summit

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okinawa symbolHistory of Okinawa

If you wish to learn the history on Okinawa, click on the symbol of Okinawa prefecture.

Evian SummitInformation on Evian Summit 2003

The information on Evian G8 summit 2003 is available on the link above (Japanese).
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Kyushu Okinawa G8 summit in Japan
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