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In order to make easy your travels in Japan, we have listed here famous Japanese landmarks with photos. You can also improve your Japanese language skill with an explanatory text associated to each tourist site, if you purcahse Free Ligh Japanese. Please click on each thumbnail picture below to see the detail of scenery and possibly to download its exercise.

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  1. These are exercises files for Free Light Japanese II. If you don't know the product, please read its informative page and possibly download a demo version.
  2. Everybody can download the first 5 exercises files, while others are reserved for registered users. If you have not yet got the password, please go to our free updating area to see the instruction.
  3. These new series of exercises will cover the history, the geography and the culture of Japan. Please regularly visit this page to discover new exercises.
  4. An exercise file contains a scenery picture, explanatory Japanese texts, corresponding voices and English translation.

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Last update: January 18, 2020
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Japan Picture Gallery
Ginkakuji Temple
Himeji Castle
Great Buddha of Nara
Shirahama Spa
Mt Fuji
Plain of Oze
Shomyoji Temple
Yakushiji Temple
Matsumoto Castle
Lake Chuzenji
Mt Bandai
Mt Yari
Mt Kuju
Mt Kirishima
Lake Tazawa
Horyuji Temple
Lake Mashu
Toshodaiji Temple
3 Yamato Mountains
Mt Tateyama
Rishiri Island
Kinkakuji Temple
Yakushima Island
Route of Ina
Mt Daisetsu
Mt Asama
Mt Yatsu
Mt Aso
Aizu Castle
Edo Castle
Tsukiji Market
Akaishi Mountains
Rainbow Bridge
Sannai Maruyama
Nebuta festival
Battleship Mikasa
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