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Tool to analyze Japanese keyword in web log file

As most of the visitors discover your website through a Japanese search engine, it is very important to know exactly which keyword your visitor has typed before getting to your site. Unfortunately, most of the web log analyzers of western origin are unable to display correctly Japanese keywords.

The fact that Japanese search engines use different encoding methods such as Utf-8, Shift-Jis, Euc-Jp etc. complicates also the analysis.

By using our Japanese keyword analyzer, you can display correctly Japanese keywords, without purchasing Japanese compatible log analyzer such as Urchin while keeping your favorite web stats program. You have just to copy the result of your stats and paste it here.

More sophisticated javascript/java servlet based web traffics monitoring program is also available for our customers.

Url list:

Keyword list:


Steps to follow

  1. Paste "Referrer urls" from Japanese search engines onto url list such as:
    or "Unreadable keywords" onto keyword list such as:
    レゲエ グッズ
  2. Choose the encoding method used by the referring such engine:
    Google and MSN use in general UTF-8 while Yahoo, Goo and Infoseek, EUC_JP. Auto-Select should deal with most of the cases.
  3. Click on "Analyze" button.
  4. If you can access the raw weblog file (Apache HTTP 1.1 format), use rather Japanese weblog analyzer.


  1. Your web stats program displays 2 Japanese key words but unable to display correctly. Select the zone that contains those Japanese keywords and copy onto the clipboard. The example comes from the listing of 123Loganalyzer but you can use other web stats programs in the same manner.
  2. Paste the clipboard content onto "keyword list" zone in this page. "Auto-select" should deal with the most cases.
  3. By clicking on "Analyze" button, the Japanese keywords are now correctly displayed together with the encoding method.
  4. If they correspond to your product or service, improve your page rank by optimizing your page around those keywords.

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Last update: May 30, 2004
Text Copyright, Free Light Software