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Japanese weblog analyzer for SEO

The way to promote your Japanese web site is the same as English site. As most of the visitors discover your site through a Japanese search engine (about 80%), it is very important to know exactly which keywords from which search engine a visitor has typed before discovering your site. Unfortunately, most of the weblog analyzers of western origin are unable to process correctly Japanese keywords due to different encoding methods such as UTF_8, SHIFT_JIS, EUC_JP etc used in Japanese search engines.

By using our Japanese weblog analyzer, you can display correctly Japanese keywords, and find with which keywords and from which search engine a visitor has searched your site. You have just to indicate the place where your weblog file is located (Apache HTTP 1.1 format).

More sophisticated javascript/java servlet based web traffics monitoring program is also available for our customers.

FTP Username:

FTP Password:

HTML File:

FTP Url:

Save password:

Steps to follow

  1. Enter a html file name that you wish to analyze at "HTML File". If there are several files of the same name use the full path name such as "japanese/index.html".
  2. If your weblog file is located on a remote machine, type the domain name followed by a full pathname at "FTP Url". Please note that the pathname is not absolute but relative to your home directory, so you may have to type a string such as "yourdomain.com/../../var/log/httpd/access_log". You may also need to add username and password to login.
  3. If your weblog file is on a local machine, choose it with a dialog box by clicking on "Browse" button. You don't need to enter username and password in this case.
  4. Click on "Analyze" button. Depending on the logfile size and the connection speed, it may take several minutes to see the result displayed on the screen.
  5. If you cannot access the weblog file or it is not of Apache HTTP 1.1 format, use rather Japanese keyword analyzer.

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Last update: May 30, 2004
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