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These sites belong to Japanese companies or their content is so rich to deserve this name, especially manga search engines and online manga magazines. Sites of manga and anime fans are here. If you are not satisfied with this list, you can find more Japanese manga sites by using our online dictionary of mangas and video games or Japanese search engines. Click here to learn how to display Japanese characters without Japanese computer.

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Yu-gi-oh official card game, Duel monsters

The official site of Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game, Duel Monsters, marketed by Japanese video game maker, Konami. The site being bilingual (English-Japanese), it is easy to browse, and contains game rule, card list, FAQ and shop list where you can purchase Yu-Gi-Oh cards in USA and Canada.

Guardian Spirits of the Water Capital: Latias and Latios

The official site of the 5th Pokemon movie, "Guardian Spirits of the Water Capital: Latias and Latios" that will be released this summer in Japan. You can send from this site Pokemon's greeting cards (5th button at the bottom) or find another Pokemon's official sites (the last button). in Japan ?????? has just opened an office in Japan, so you can order Japanese version of manga from its large catalog, by using a credit card. Moreover Amazon accepts the worldwide shipment.

Tsukasa Hojo's official home page

Tsukasa Hojo is one of the best mangaka of 80s, well known as the author of Cat's eye and City hunter. This is his official site. Though the text is only in Japanese, the entry points are both Japanese and English. So simply click on "gallery" on the left side to download his pictures.

Godzilla world

Godzilla is a famous Japanese lizard monster, popular all over the world. This is its official site. In order to browse all the Godzilla's posters from the beginning in 1954, click on "Godzilla series database". The site, being bilingual (Japanese/English), you should have no problem to browse it: the passage to the English version will be made at the bottom of the home page.

Mizuki Shigeru's ghost world

Mizuki Shigeu is the best Japanese author on ghost and monster manga but not horror manga like Umezu Kazuo. He has created many mangas based on Japanese folklore of monsters and ghosts such as Gegege no Kitaro and Akumakun. This site being official, it demands you to click on the left button to pledge not to use his pictures for a commercial purpose. Then, by clicking on the 5th link, you can admire a great collection of Japanese ghost and monster pictures who are rather humorous.

Screensaver Japan

If you are looking for screensavers of Japanese mangas or cartoons in order to embellish your computer screen, you should visit here. Moreover, the site is multilingual (English, Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Korean and Spanish) and contains other themes such as movies and games.

Fujiko F Fujio World

This is the official site of Fujiko F Fujio production, company created by one of the associated mangakas, Hiroshi Fujimoto (another is Motoo Abiko) of whom main works are Obakeno Q and Doraemon. Once the main page has been displayed, click on "Gallery" to admire his works.

Pocket Monster's Card Game

If you love to play with Pokemon cards, here is the official site of Pokemon cards. Not only it explains how to play with but shows different card varieties (and prices). In order to visit it, click on one of 7 colored balls on the main page, the entry point of each rubric being in English.

Galaxy Express 999

Like the site of "Shincho" on "Captain Harlock", this site of "Shogakkan", another big Japanese publishing company, shows you on-line "Galaxy Express 999", another masterpiece of "Leiji Matsumoto".


Surfersparadise is with TINAMI, one of the biggest search engines specialized in mangas, anime and PC games in Japan, for it contains more than 10 800 sites in its database. From the main page, you can either freely type keywords or choose them among the top 40 most requested ones. After selected a Boolean operation ("OR" or "AND" in a button), it will display a short explanation of each site which agrees with the criteria and its image sample in the form of a banner.

TINAMI (Navigator of Manga Artists)

Contrary to Yahoo or Infoseek which are generalist, TINAMI is a great search engine specialized in manga and anime with more than 8000 sites referenced in its database. From multiple criteria you submit, it will find all the pages dedicated to these arts. Recommended only for those who master Japanese language. Be aware that the display is very slow because the site is crowded.


This is the official site of Gainax, an important anime producing company in Japan. It has realized among others, Nadia, Princess Maker and Evangelion, an apocalyptic cartoon which has been a great hit all over the world. The site is trilingual English/Japanese/Korean.

Nippon Animation Home Page

Nippon Animation is a Japanese company specialized in the production of cartoons, say, rather classical ones. Once the main page loaded, you will see an array of 5 buttons at the bottom. Click on the third button. You will see then on the left a row of icons that symbolize each animation. All you have to do is to click on your favorite icon to see the detail.

Production-IG Home Page

It is another well-known producer of cartoons in Japan. You will see a list of all the animes made by this company. What a shame that you could see only one picture per title. The site is bilingual English/Japanese.

Biglobe Cyber Plaza

The backer of this bulky site is the couple PC-Van/Nec and contains several Web magazines of good quality. If you know to read Japanese texts, you should absolutely visit "Anime Japan" (violet button), a magazine specially created for cartoons.

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