Fan Sites of Mangas and Animes in Japan

These sites have been created by manga and anime fans in Japan. Though they may be smaller than the professional sites, the contents are frequently better, because the authors express their manga enthusiasm on the web. Professional sites on manga and anime are here. If you are not satisfied with this list, you can find more Japanese manga sites by using our online dictionary of mangas and video games or Japanese search engines

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Hangyojin Library

Umezu Kazuo is the best author of horror manga in Japan such as Hebi shojo (Snake girl) and Hyoryu kyoshitsu (Drifting school). This site has been created by an university teacher as an instruction materials to study the sociology of 70s. The site necessitates a good knowledge on Japanese language but it is worth visiting because there are many scanned pictures. Anyway, the site is not recommanded to small children.

Gundam Cult QQQ

According to the author, this site contains the most important quantity of Midi files dedicated to Gundam in the world. It contains also many other interesting stuffs on Gundam such as wall papers, startup screen, animated gifs, dictionaries etc.. You will find the entry points to those items in the menu on the left of the screen (click on Midi, CG, or soft to access).

Museum of a little princess Sara

If you are seeking pictures for your children, here is an ideal site , dedicated to the princess Sera. You can download there not only her pictures (4th link on the left) but also those for coloring (3rd link on the right).

Haruka Ayanokohji Homepage

The author of this site publishes magazines of a weak circulation (Dojin-shi) for the fans of Bishojo Manga and the site is very popular, for it has already recorded more than 2 million visitors. In order to see the cover of magazines before purchasing them, click on "Entrance". Then, click on one of the 2 banners: "Rose Water" or NGP. If you have chosen "Rose Water", the gallery is pointed by the 5th link on the left of the new page, and by the 4th link, otherwise. The site, containing many erotic scenes, is inadvisable for the children.

Orikun Electronic Home

The site has been created by a fan of Maison Ikkoku. It is very rich in information but badly organized. In order to download pictures, you should scroll down completely to the bottom and find a link table drawn blue characters. The 6th link goes to a gallery of Maison Ikkoku while the 7th to a miscellaneous gallery.

Sawakasumi's Home Page

This is a classic site for those who are looking for Sailor Moon's pictures. It is very easily acceded because the site is bilingual (English and Japanese). Click on the link "Click here to English Page" at the top of screen. You will find there not only a section dedicated to Sailor Moon's pictures (click on CG Gallery) but 2 rings of links, "Sailor Moon Ring of Power" and "Ring of Eternal Sailormoon".

Escaflowne on the High Skys

It is the site created by a fan of Escaflowne. He is not a painter himself but displays several pictures of Escaflowne offered by others. In order to see them, you have to click on the 5th link entitled "The Illustration of Escaflowne" on the left of screen.

Ehara's Head Shop

This site has been created by a fan of "Bishyojo Manga". Once the main page loaded, you will see a column of 5 buttons. Click on the second button. 6 markers will be displayed. The first points to the picture of Evangelion, the second to Sailor Moon, the third to Rayearth, the fourth to Tokimeki Memorial (girl hunt game in PC), the last 2 being under construction. The site is bilingual English/Japanese.

Tokyo Circuit

This manga fan knows not only to imitate manga of the great masters but also to invent his own characters. His favorite pictures are fox girls. At the bottom of the main page you will find a horizontal row of 6 buttons followed by a row of 4 buttons. In order to visit his gallery of pictures, click on the second button from the left in the first row. You will see then a column of 7 markers. The first points to the people, the second to animals, the third to famous manga characters, the fourth to fox girls, and finally, the last one to erotic pictures.

Professional Sites of Mangas and Animes in Japan

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