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Links about Afghanistan and Afghan war

Here is a list of interesting links on Afghanistan, Afghan war, maps, culture, pictures, media, Islamic parties, bio terrorism, humanitarian aid organizations, women's right.

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Media coverage on Afghanistan

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is the most important Arabic news media that broadcasts information from Qatar emirate via satellite TV and internet 24 hours daily. Al Jazeera is the unique foreign media, granted by Taliban to open a bureau in Afghanistan.

Dawn newspaper

Dawn is the most important English language newspaper published in Pakistan. Exclusive interview with Osama bin Laden.

Azadi Afghan Radio

Founded in 1996, Azadi Afghan Radio broadcasts the information on Afghanistan for Afghan refugees in Washington DC and San Francisco areas.


The most important media site on the net dedicated to the events in Afghanistan.

Dawat Afghan newspaper

The site belonging to an independent Afghan newspaper and published in Norway.


CNN is the world's most important news media that broadcasts information on satellite TV and internet 24 hours daily.

CBS news

CBS is another big US media company that gives a good news coverage on Afghanistan.


The site shows a list of all the fresh news on Afghanistan, available on the net.

Islamic parties in Afghanistan


Hezb-e-Islami (Islamic party) is an Islamic party, founded by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar ex prim minister of Afghanistan and now exiled in Iran.


Jumbish-i-Milli (National Islamic movement) is an Islamic party, founded by Abdul Rashid Dostom, ex communist general and warlord of Mazar-e-Sharif.

Afghan government

Official site of Afghan government in exile (Affiliated to the Northern alliance).

War against terrors

Defense Link

Official site of US department of Defense (DoD) that gives a daily briefing by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and General Pace on the war operation in Afghanistan.


CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention) is a federal agency of US health ministry that gives official information of any diseases, especially anthrax threat.

Humanitarian aid and health

International Conference on Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan

The official site of an international conference for the reconstruction of Afghanistan that will be held at Tokyo between January 20 and 22, 2002.

Médecins sans frontières

Paris based humanitarian aid organization, "Médecins sans frontières" sends voluntary doctors to conflict zones where the medical care is cruelly lacking such as Afghanistan. French only.


Unhcr (United nations high commission for refugee) is an agency of the United Nations charged with an aid for refugees caused by political persecution or wars such as Afghans.


Unicef (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) is an agency of the United Nations charged with an aid for children in war or famine zones such as Afghanistan.

Global IDP project

IDP project is a no governmental organization (NGO) that studies the displaced population due to a war such as Afghans.

General information on Afghanistan

Afghanistan Online

The most complete site on Afghanistan: history, geography, biographies, links etc.

Kabul Online

This site is also useful to collect the information on Afghanistan.


This site gives an extensive information on Afghan culture, traditions, languages and religions.


Afghan war 1979-1989

Site created by a Russian war veteran of Afghanistan. Though most of the pages are in Russian, the site contains many interesting picture of combat taken during the soviet occupation.


Founded in 1977 by an Afghan woman, Meena, Rawa is striving since then to defend the right of Afghan women against the gender apartheid in Afghanistan. Many rare pictures of atrocity committed by Taliban regime.

Postcards from hell

Site created by a war reporter, Rafaele Ciriello. Great pictures on war zones such as Afghanistan and Chechnya.

University of Texas

A great collection of world's maps, including Afghanistan.

Ahmed Shah Masood

The site is dedicated to Ahmed Shah Masood, alias Lion of Panshir, killed by the hit men from Taliban in September 2001

Hazara online

Hazaras are a ethnic minority living in the center of Afghanistan and speaking Persian language (Farsi).

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afghanistan relief

Help Afghan refugees

For more than 20 years, Afghanistan has been at war. Now American bombings on Afghanistan may provoke a massive refugee exodus and famine. By purchasing post cards of Afghanistan from a charitable organization, you can contribute to save those Afghan children and women from famine and persecution.

Learn Arabic language

Learn Arabic language

Afghanistan has been strongly influenced by the Arabic culture like any other Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Iran. Click here to find more detailed description and screen shots on the Arabic tutorial program "Free Light Arabic" and possibly download a free demo version.
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