Aid Afghan refugees and Afghan women from famine and persecution

AM AF AF (French Association Friends of Afghans and Afghanistan) is a no lucrative organization, founded and legally registered in September 1979 in France just 3 months before the soviet invasion to Afghanistan.

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Our goal is to bring moral and material supports to Afghan refugees disseminated all over the world as well as Afghans who are living in Afghanistan: help for the education, an asylum visa and an accommodation, the protection of human rights in Afghanistan etc.

Currently our priority is to defend the rights of Afghan women who are suffering from iniquitous Taliban law in Afghanistan. Therefore, we need an aid of men and women of good will. You will be asked to donate 20 US$ to our charitable association through a secured credit card processing system (Free Light Software is granted by us to collect the donation via their system and repay us the whole donation excepting for banking fees).

In order to express our gratitude, those who donate us will receive the following set of original post cards of Afghanistan published by us (please allow us 1 week to process it).

If you wish to purchase Afghan post cards with a credit card, please click on the button below*.

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Thank you in advance for your help and best regards,

Essacq Baloutch, Founder Manager

Post cards

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afghan children afghan with pigeons spice merchant carpet seller
Afghan children Afghan with pigeons Spice merchant Carpet seller
bazaar of kabul afghan children 2
Bazaar of Kabul Afghan children 2
afghan mother & child afghan girl Afghan mother & child 2
Afghan mother & child Afghan girl Afghan mother & child 2

Our activities

Without government funds, we have sent since September 1979, several dozens of tons of medicines, clothes, tents, medical devices, mobile chairs to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

We have financed the medical equips in Afghanistan and Pakistan to treat refugees and war injured persons. We have also financed the schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan for Afghan children.

We have helped Afghan refugees in Europe, especially France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Austria to obtain a visa for political asylum and find a job and an accommodation.

commander masoud un high commissar medicine
Visit of Commander Masoud in Paris With UN high commissar for Kosovo refugees, Francois Leotard Mountain of medicines, ready to ship to Pakistan
female doctor open-air school refugee camp
Female doctor of a refugee camp at Dara Open-air school at Gomol View of a refugee camp in Baluchistan

Address of association:
Centre municipal des associations
2 rue des Corroyeurs
21068 Dijon Cedex
Voice/Fax: +33 380418241
Association board:
President, Bernard Sauvadet
Founder manager, Essacq Baloutch
Secretary, Remi Bejot

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