Finer Tuning on Free Light Japanese II

Perhaps after having chosen one of the above-mentioned 3 levels on Free Light Japanese II , you still find the exercise too hard or too easy. You need then a finer tuning.

Changing hole rate

hole rate 25%

hole rate 75%

The most obvious way to control level is by changing the hole rate, i.e. if the question is too hard, you should decrease it, while if too easy, increase it.
In order to change the hole rate, use "Hole Rate" of "Level Menu".

Without phonetic transcription

If the question is too easy for you, you can strip off the phonetic transcription called "Romaji" below the Japanese text.
In order to strip off the phonetic transcription, uncheck "Always pronounce" from "Level Menu".

Without translation

You can also hide the English translation if the question is too easy.
In order to hide the English translation, uncheck "Always translate" from "Level Menu".

Controling Hurigana

Hurigana (or Furikana) are Kana characters added above a Kanji character in order to make easy its reading.

Without Hurigana at any position

You can strip off Hurigana characters at any Kanji position in the Japanese text.
In order to strip off Hurigana characters, uncheck "With Hurigana" from "Alphabet Menu".

Fill up Hurigana yourself

You can fill up Hurigana yourself if you are genius in Japanese.
In order to fill up Hurigana yourself, uncheck "Show Hurigana at holes" from "Level Menu", while "With Hurigana" from "Alphabet Menu" remains checked.

Note: If you have unchecked "With Hurigana" from "Alphabet Menu", you cannot fill up Hurigana yourself even if you should have unchecked "Show Hurigana at holes" from "Level Menu".

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