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With more than 20 millions of users, Japan is now the second Internet market of the world. It means you can find there a great number of interesting sites, especially those on Nagano Olympic Games. Here is a list of sites related to Nagano Olympics, mostly from Japan. Unfortunately, some are only in Japanese. In order to display correctly them with your browser, you need either Japanese operating systems like Japanese Windows, or programs which emulate Japanese language like Kanji Kit for Windows or Japanese Language Kit for Macintosh .

Official sites of organizers

Japan Olympic Committee (JOC)

JOC supports NAOC along with the town and the prefecture of Nagano but contrary to NAOC, it has a permanent structure. English-Japanese and partly French.

Nagano City

Nagano City will organize skating competitions (speed, figure, hockey) as well as the opening ceremony of Olympic Games. English-Japanese.

Sites from the mass media


CBS has got the exclusivity of TV broadcasting on Nagano Olympics in USA and the content of Web corresponds to their ambition. English only.

Shinano Mainichi

It is the web site owned by a local newspaper well known in Nagano region. The knowledge of the field is their power. English-Japanese.

Kyodo Tsushin

Kyodo is the most important news agency in Japan. English-Japanese.


Misuzukaru Shinano

It is a site created by an inhabitant of Nagano. You can experience a virtual visit of the region by connecting there. English-Japanese.


If you have missed the route of Nagao, connect to there. You will find many maps of Japan and especially of Nagano. English-Japanese.

Ski Navi

Instead of watching others skiing, do you wish to do it yourself? Then connect there. You will find a data base covering about 700 skiing resorts in Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Japanese only.

Links of Links

If you are still unsatisfied with our list, connect then to...

All About Nagano, Japan

An excellent overview on Nagano Olympics created by Dave. English only.

Shinshu Online

Contrary to the above list, this privileges the local information because the site is managed by an Internet provider from Nagano region. Japanese only.
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