Happo Ridge (Hakuba)

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Happo is the mountain ridge which goes toward the east from Mt Karamatsu (2696m) of Ushiro-tateyama mountain chain and belongs to the village of Hakuba, county of Kita-azumino in Nagano Prefecture. It is well known as a big ski resort and you can climb by using ropeway and ski lift from Hosono Hamlet located at the foot up to Kurobish-daira (1680m) through Usagi-daira. During Nagano Olympic games of 1998, the racing of downhill and super giant slalom as well as ski jumping were organized there.

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Panoramic View of Happo-one

Slope specifications

Downhill Man Downhill Woman Super G Man Super G Woman
Start point 1765m 1680m 1490m 1486m
Goal point 840m 899m 840m 899m
Vertical drop 925m 781m 650m 587m
Course length 2923m 2654m 2423m 2080m
Average gradient 21,3 22,2 22,2 22,8
Maximum gradient 30,9 30,9 30,9 30,9
Minimum gradient 14,9 15,5 15,5 15,5

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