3 Yamato Mountains

  1. The 3 Yamato Mountains, praised by Manyo's poets, is the name as a whole of Unebi-yama, Miminashi-yama, Amano-kaguyama mountains located in the north of Asuka region. They are separated 3 km from each other and form a triangle: capital Fujiwara-kyo is in the central low land. There is even a legend which tells that the female mountain Unebi-yama would be disputed by the 2 male mountains Miminashi-yama and Amano-kaguyama.
  2. The hill which stretches from the east of Toyoura Hamlet in Asuka Village to the south is called Amagashino-oka. It is a small hill of 148m high and you can climb there in 5 minutes: it is equipped as Amagashi Hill Historic Park. From the observatory located at the top, you can command the whole view of Nara Valley: from left, Mts. Unebi, Miminarshi and Kagu of the 3 Yamato Mountains.
  3. Capital Fujiwara-kyo has been built in the center of the 3 Yamato Mountains by imitating the Chinese capital Choan of Tang dynasty. It is well known as the first walled Japanese capital and the 3 Japanese Emperors, Jito, Monmu and Genmei have settled their palest there, from 694 to 710 during 16 years, until when the capital moved to Heijo-kyo (Nara).
  4. One of the 3 Yamato Mountains, Mt. Unebi, is a lava dome of 199m high, located in the north of Kashiwara Forest Park. Since Meji Era as an imperial forest, cutting trees has been banned and consciously protected. Now it is a national forest.
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