Tateyama mountain chain

  1. Mt. Tateyama, located in the north of Northern Alps has been opened as a sanctuary of the mountain faith. There is even a legend which says that by following a white hawk, Saeki Aritomo, late Saint Jiko, would have met Amida Nyorai. The anecdote that Sasa Narimasa went over Harinoki Pass in winter is well known too.
  2. One day, the son of governor of Toyama prefecture, Aritomo was hawking when he saw his hawk fly away. When he advanced deep into the mountain by searching it, suddenly a bear attacked him. Immediately he shot an arrow, then the bleeding bear escaped into a cavern. When he followed it, he met Amida Nyorai (Buuddhist god) of whom chest is bleeding because of his arrow. The god says "Aritomo, open this sanctuary and become a priest".
  3. Mt. Tateyama is one of the 3 most famous mountains in Japan. It designates the chain of splendid mountains of 3000m high which tower in the east of Toyama prefecture. Nevertheless, usually, it designates 3 peaks of Fujino-oritate, Dainanji-san and O-zan. In a broader meaning, it includes the pass of Betsuzan-nokkoshi, located at the lowest part with Mt. Tsurugi to the north, and Mt. Jodo to the south.
  4. On June of the 46th year of Showa era, so called "most important construction of this century", Alpine route, was finally opened in its full extent. As a consequence, Tateyama's neighborhood has transformed completely and become a big mountain resort: now you can go through from Nagano prefecture to Toyama's by using, one after another, trolley bus, funicular railway and ropeway.
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